A Guide To Theatre Etiquette

Theatre, unlike movies or television, is a LIVE performance. This means that the action unfolds right in front of an audience. The performance, though well-rehearsed, is constantly evolving. The actors respond to the audience: laughter, clapping, gasps and general reactions. Therefore the audience is a critical part of the theatre experience. In fact, without the audience, the actors would still be in rehearsal!

As an audience member, it is important to observe certain etiquette so that you may enjoy the best theatre experience possible.

Again, attending a live performance is a time to sit back and look inward, question what is being presented to you and be curious about worlds that are different than yours. As theatre artists we approach our audiences with respect and expect the same in return.

Live theatre offers the opportunity to experience new ideas and discover people and lives previously unknown to you. Your open mind, curiosity, and respect will allow a whole other world to unfold right before your eyes!