by Patrick Hamilton
Directed by G. Scott Morris
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      Oct 10
7:30 pm
Oct 11
7:30 pm
Oct 12
7:30 pm
      Oct 17
7:30 pm
Oct 18
7:30 pm
Oct 19
7:30 pm
Oct 20
2:00 pm
At the Stage Coach Players Theater

The play is set in London circa 1965. The story concerns two wealthy graduate students, Brandon and Granillo, who have murdered fellow student Ronnie Kentley as an expression of their supposed intellectual superiority. At the beginning of the play they hide Ronnie’s body in a chest. In appropriately grisly, if not inhospitable, spirit, the murderers then invite the victim’s friends Leila and Raglan as well as Ronnie’s grandfather, for a seemingly normal dinner party—directly over the dead body. It’s surprisingly cheery stuff until the quietly intellectual Rupert begins to unravel Brandon and Granillo’s carefully laid plans.

The mystery here isn’t who did it, but why? And – will they get away with it?


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