2010 Live Radio Show
  Directed by Scott Morris Saturday, April 24th at 7:00 PM
at Stage Coach Players Theater in DeKalb

Stage Coach will be continuing its live broadcast on WLBK this Spring.

The Voices in the Void by C. Tango Rye

Two men arrive at the last manned station at the edge of the galaxy in pursuit of the mysterious Captain Vander Kile who may or may not know the secret to eternal life. Along the way they become involved with the “voidoid” crew of Station Z-Zero-One-Zero-Zeta, including a determined waitress from the station’s cafeteria who, in the end, may know more about survival and the true meaning of eternal life than the desperate men who surround her.



Cast Members

Bob Cain, Annette Johns, Jennifer Johnson, Andee Larson, James Malouf, Geoff Maxrfield, John Mehalic, Christopher Porterfield, Carlos Raices, Norm Read, Heather VandenBerg  

Crew Members