Agatha Christie's
And Then There Were None
(Formerly Ten Little Indians)
Directed by Tim Ball
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      Oct 7
8:00 pm
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Oct 17
2:00 pm
At the Stage Coach Players Theater

In this classic Agatha Christie mystery, eight people have been invited to a mansion on an island off the coast of Devon, Great Britain. Upon arriving, they are told that their host, a Mr. U.N.Owen, is currently away, but that the guests will be attended to by Thomas and Ethel Rogers. Before dinner that evening, the guests notice ten soldier figurines on the dining room table along with an accompanying nursery rhyme. The gramaphone record plays, and a mysterious voice accuses each of the ten of murder. The guests realize they have been tricked into coming to the island, but find that they cannot leave as the boat which regularly delivers supplies has stopped arriving. And then one drops dead---poisoned, paralleling a verse of the nursery rhyme. Marooned on the Indian Island, the guests begin falling victim to this diabolical killer and panic sets in!


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