Leaving Iowa
by Tim Clue and
Spike Manton
Directed by Norm Read
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      Aug 12
8:00 pm
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Aug 22
2:00 pm
At the Stage Coach Players Theater

Remember those childhood family vacations you tried to forget? Those memories will come flooding back as you watch Leaving Iowa

Told in flashback, this hilarious sentimental comedy about a journalist who returns home to Winterset, Iowa to find a final resting place for his fatherís ashes is a nostalgic ode to days gone by. As the journalist searches for the perfect spot to scatter the ashes, he relives the summer vacations he spent as boy trapped in the family station wagon en route to uninteresting historical sites with well-meaning but naÔve parents and a bickering sibling. With a generous dollop of humor and a heart as big as the Midwest, Leaving Iowa shows us that the journey really is as important as the destination. Once that realization sets in, a lot of life becomes about family, reconciliation, and sacrifice. There are moments when you think ĎWhat would I give to go back and live part of that journey just one more time?í The only thing we can do is decide how to live our lives from this point on. Thatís the part where our parentís sacrifices often influence us the most.


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