Bus Stop
by William Inge
Directed by Barb Andree
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      Sep 10
8:00 pm
Sep 11
8:00 pm
Sep 12
8:00 pm
      Sep 17
8:00 pm
Sep 18
8:00 pm
Sep 19
8:00 pm
Sep 20
2:00 pm
At the Stage Coach Players Theater

"Four passengers and the bus driver are stranded at Grace's Diner between Kansas City and Topeka by a snow storm: a young rancher, Beau Decker, returning from a rodeo with his older sidekick, a dancer, Cheri, who has been abducted by the rancher who wants to marry her, and an alcoholic old professor, Dr. Lyman, who has an eye for very young girls.

Beau tries to convince Cheri that he loves her and that she should marry him. Cheri enlists the aid of the local Sherriff to help her. Dr. Lyman spouts Shakespeare and tries to sweep a young teenage waitress off her feet and gets drunker and drunker.

In the end each has something to learn about life, love and most of all about themselves."


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