Steel Magnolias
by Robert Harling
Directed by Jan Kuntz
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      Jul 9
8:00 pm
Jul 10
8:00 pm
Jul 11
8:00 pm
      Jul 16
8:00 pm
Jul 17
8:00 pm
Jul 18
8:00 pm
Jul 19
2:00 pm
At the Stage Coach Players Theater

All of the action of the play takes place solely in Truvy's beauty salon, which is part of her house. There are only six characters (all female) that appear on stage. There is the voice of a DJ on the radio that is heard during the play. All the other characters (like the male characters) that appear in the film version are only referred to in the dialog.

The action centers around Truvy's beauty parlor and some women who regularly gather there. The drama begins on the morning of Shelby's wedding to Jackson and covers events over the next three years, including Shelby's decision to have a child despite having Type 1 diabetes and the complications that result from the decision. We also get a glimpse of the unlikely friendship between Clairee and Ouiser; Annelle's transformation from a shy, anxious newcomer in town, to a partying woman, then to a religious fundamentalist; and Truvy's relationships with the men in her family. Although the main storyline involves Shelby, her mother, and Shelby's medical battles, the underlying group-friendship among all six women is prominent throughout the drama.


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