High School Musical
Book: David Simpatico
Songs by: Matthew Gerrard, Robbie Nevil, Ray Cham, Greg Cham, Andrew Seeley, Randy Petersen, Kevin Quinn, Andy Dodd, Adam Watts, Bryan Louiselle, David N. Lawrence, Faye Greenberg and Jamie Houston
Music Adapted, Arranged and Produced by: Bryan Louiselle
Based on a Disney Channel Original Movie written by: Peter Barsocchini
Directed by Gloria Dennison
Musical Director Judy O'Connor
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
      Nov 15
7:30 pm
Nov 16
7:30 pm
-- Nov 18
1:00 pm
6:00 pm
At the Egyptian Theater in DeKalb

High School Musical is based on the Emmy Award-Winning Disney Channel Original Movie. The show tells the story of two students, Troy, who is the captain of his school's basketball team, and Gabriella, a shy new student. Together, they try out for the lead parts in their school musical. Despite some students' attempts to thwart their dreams, Troy and Gabriella persist and inspire others along the way.

The Party: Troy and Gabriella, without knowing each other, both go to a 'young adults' New Year's Eve Party while on vacation. They karaoke and "rock the house" with their song, "Start of Something New".

The Transfer Student: Gabriella starts school at East High, not knowing that Troy also attends that same school. Troy is also the captain of the East High Wildcats basketball team, which is coached by Mr. Bolton, Troy's father. Welcoming the students back from their holiday vacation, Ms. Darbus, their homeroom teacher and the drama teacher, encourages the students to sign up for the Winter Musical auditions.

The Audition: However, Troy sneaks out of doing basketball practice. Gabriella shows up for the audition as well. Though late for the auditions, the two sing a song from the musical, get callbacks for the show.

The dynamic duo Ryan and Sharpay Evans, who have always starred in the school musicals, are furious. Sharpay and Ryan refuse to have any competition, and will do what they can to stop Troy and Gabriella from stealing 'their' parts in 'their' show. Gabriella is a super-braniac and Troy is the star basketball player, neither is considered a singer. Although moving to a new school has given Gabriella a chance to start over before anyone can label her a math geek, Troy struggles to get his dad to accept him singing in the musical.

The Plan: Troy's best friend on the basketball team (Chad) and Gabriella's best friend on the decathlon team (Taylor) decide to find a way of getting Troy and Gabriella to not try out for the musical. "It's the only way to save them from themselves". Feeling guilty, the basketball team and the decathlon team tell Troy and Gabriella what they did. At first, Gabriella is not convinced that Troy didn't mean what he said, but he goes to her house that night and makes things right between them. They decide to audition for the musical. However, Sharpay and Ryan have convinced Mrs. Darbus to change the date and time of the callbacks so that it conflicts with both the scholastic decathlon and the basketball game.

The Other Plan: After finding out what Sharpay and Ryan did, the basketball team and the scholastic decathlon team decide to find a way of fixing it. During the basketball game, Taylor sends a virus to the school's gym so that the scores get mixed up and all the lights go out. Also, they put a mixture in one of the flasks in the scholastic decathlon room that creates a horrible smell. Everyone in the scholastic decathlon and everyone in the gym must leave, which works out well for Troy and Gabriella, since they can now make it to the callbacks.

The Callbacks: Sharpay and Ryan have just finished performing their song, "Bop To the Top" with only a few people in the audience. Ms. Darbus calls for Troy and Gabriella, but unfortunately, as they are returning from the basketball game and the scholastic decathlon, they are not there yet. Less than 20 seconds later, they arrive, but Ms. Darbus coldly informs them that they are too late. The basketball and decathlon teams follow not far behind Troy and Gabriella. Everyone who was watching the basketball game and the decathlon competition fill the auditorium to watch Troy and Gabriella. Ms. Darbus is forced to let them sing, having seen such an excellent display of 'showbiz' and determination from Troy, Kelsi, and Gabriella.

At first, Gabriella gets stage fright, but Troy reminds her to be who she wants to be. They perform the song "Breaking Free", leaving the crowd, including Ms. Darbus, cheering uncontrollably.

The End: The Wildcats return to the gym, where the lights are working again, and they win the championship with a game-winning shot from Troy. While the Wildcats are celebrating, Gabriella comes in and tells Troy that her team won the decathlon. Sharpay then comes up to Gabriella to congratulate her, telling her to "break a leg," which scares Gabriella until Sharpay tells her that that means "good luck" in theatre lingo. Everyone realizes that people should be able to do what they're truly passionate about, and not just stay in the stereotypes given to them by others. With this new philosophy, the whole school decides that they should support each other, singing and dancing in the final song, "We're All in This Together."


Cast Members

* Bethany McAnly (Taylor) * Gennie Scheele (Kelsi) * Hananiah Wiggins (Zeke) * Don Austin (Bolton) * Drew Taylor (Chad) * Kelly Bolander (Martha) * Jessica Aldis (Sharpay) * Donica Henry (Gabriella) * Keith Lang (Ryan) * Aaron Zepeda (Troy) * Paula Tsiagalis (Darbus) * Thomas Graff * Rebecca Jones * Hillary Taylor * Harrison Hintzsche * Kate Metzler * Alana Dean * Eric Changnon * Autumn Brandon * Becky Lee * Katie Benson * Jeanine Larson * Gillian Strachan * Allison Hunter-Rosene * Tiphaney Dean * Kyla Akers * Rachel Jobe * Mitchell Meerman * Nicole Fisher * Andrea Lee * Leslie Seldal * Ellen Conley * Amanda Truckenbrod * Deanna Frances * Hannah Hepler * Kim Proesel * Mark Proesel * Nancy Proesel * Emily Sheaffer * Yaron Lotan * Danny Engstrom * Bailey Russell * Daniel King * Dustin King * Tiffany Ball * Brian Balika * Darren Fairbanks * Colleen Whisler * Steven Yeseta * Katie Rogers * Carole Fleetwood * Sarah Hammack * Lyndsay Myers * Renee Larson * Donna O'Hagan * Sarah O'Hagan * Kathleen Caldwell * Crissy Torres * Brett Truckenbrod * Janelle Hammack * Nicole Billips * Cassie Wagle * Jackie Cozort * Charlotte Hyzy * Anthony Gebbia * Jake Pearson * Ryan Balentyne * Kelsey Hayes * Gary Flowers * Tom McManamon * Emma Kolb * Dan Larmon * Raegan Tiggelaar * Wendy Perry * Edward Perry * Cara Sisler * Emily Stratton * Caleb Weinhold * Briana Elsik * Jessica Nebout * Lynette Stone * Brittany Giverson * Amanda Brown *

Crew Members