Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
by Jessie Braham White
Directed by Michele Wade
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      Jul 12
8:00 pm
Jul 13
8:00 pm
Jul 14
8:00 pm
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Jul 20
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Jul 22
2:00 pm
at Stage Coach Players Theater in DeKalb

The tale is based directly from the original Brothers Grimm story. For those familiar with the Disney version of this classic tale, you will still find the lovable dwarfs, the innocent Snow White and the nasty and incredibly jealous Queen, but you will also enjoy the added depth given by a palace full of supporting characters and the hilarious Witch Hex and her life size cats in this script by Jessie Braham White. The story begins with introduction of a new maid of honor to the Princess Snow White. As Astolaine gets to know the other seven maids of honor, she is told the sad tale of the princess she serves by Rosalys. It seems that Queen Brangomar has been so jealous of Snow White's beauty since the King's death that she has relegated the kind princess to kitchen duties. The maids decide Astolaine must meet Snow White and Amelotte runs off to get her. Soon after the princess' arrival, the bumbling Sir Dandiprat Bombas announces the visit of Prince Florimond to the castle. Snow White deeply wishes to see him since they have known each other since childhood, but is prevented by the Queen's express order. The girls decide to disguise Snow White as one of them, allowing Snow White to take Astolaine's place in the dance for the Prince. The trick works, and the Prince ends up falling in love with Snow White without knowing her true identity. After this is revealed to Queen Brangomar, she secretly manipulates her Chief Huntsman Berthold to take Snow White out into the deep forest and kill her, bringing her heart back as proof of the deed. Everyone in the palace is told the princess is being sent to boarding school for a year and a day.

Of course, Berthold cannot bring himself to carry out the plan and he returns to the castle bearing the heart of a wild boar. Snow White is led by a little bird to the safety of the house of the Seven Dwarfs, and she eats and rests there. When the Dwarfs return home, they discover Snow White and try everything to make sure she will stay with them, which she does. Meanwhile, Brangomar has visited Witch Hex, the source of the Queen's eternal beauty. The Queen discovers that she has been given the wrong heart when the Witch's Hair Restorer potion goes wrong, and with the help of the Witch, she is turned into an old Pedlar Woman in order to trick Snow White into taking a bite of the magic apple. The plan goes well and the Dwarfs return home to find that there is nothing they can do to save their princess.

All is not lost, however. When the Queen returns to the palace, it has been a year and a day and the Prince has come for Snow White's hand in marriage. Just as she is telling the Prince the sad news of Snow White's demise, both Berthold and the Dwarfs arrive to tell the truth. The Queen, in anger and jealousy, dashes the Magic Mirror to the ground, breaks the spell that has given her beauty and caused Snow White's death, and brings about her own downfall, leaving the castle in great happiness as the revived Snow White is made Queen, all in good storybook fashion.


Cast Members

* Larry Ball * Tiffany Ball * Christin Bothe * Christie Coran * Alexis Divita * Sarah Duffin * Kim Filler * Elizabeth Fischer * Megan Hickey * Olivia Hyzy * Cheryl Johnson * Daniel Lamansky * Ashley Landshaft * Roberta Maxfield * John McCue * Devin Moulton * Drew Moulton * Jacob Pearson * Baylie Petit * Nick Rigas * Annie Shirley * Allison Shive * Abby Smith * Alexandria Tritt * Aron York *

Crew Members

* Bob Cain (Set Design) * Kathy Cain (Stage Manager) * Linda Johnson (Costume Design) * Bill Kator (Lighting Design) * Denny Vaupel (Music Director) *