Schoolhouse Rock Live!
Book by George Keating, Kyle Hall & Scott Ferguson
Lyrics and Music by Bob Dorough, Dave Frishberg, George Newall, Kathy Mandry, Lynn Ahrens and Tom Yohe
Directed by Todd Toles
Musical Director Judy O'Connor
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
      Sep 8
8 pm
Sep 9
8 pm
Sep 10
8 pm
Sep 11
2 pm
      Sep 15
8 pm
Sep 16
8 pm
Sep 17
8 pm
Sep 18
2 pm
Tom, a young teacher, is at home, nervously preparing for his very first day at school. To relax, he watches television and is surprised to see Schoolhouse Rock, a 1970's educational animated series. Five people suddenly appear in Tom's house. Manifestations of the different sides of Tom's personality, they have gathered to give Tom the confidence he needs and to show him how to win his students over with imagination and music. By the time the show is over, Tom is ready to face his first day - school's in!

The classic Saturday morning cartoons come to life with the energetic melodies of such favorites as "Three is a Magic Number, "Interplanet Janet," "Just a Bill," "Conjunction Junction" and many more. With spirited song and dance, this delightful story will transport you to an enchanting and magical world.


Cast Members

Greg Anderson * Vicki McCue * Geoff Maxfield * Zach Harris * Melanie Lamberson * Kristen Taylor

Crew Members

Gloria Dennison * Bill Kator * Lana Marten * Roberta Maxwell * Judy O'Connor * Todd Toles