The Wizard of Oz
by L. Frank Baum adapted by Frank Gabrielson Music and Lyrics from the MGM motion picture score by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg Background music by Herbert Stothart
Directed by Kathie Hart and Kathy Cain
Music Direction by Judy O' Connor
March 18, 19 and 20, 2004 at 7:30 pm
March 21, 2004 at 2:00 pm
To be held at the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb
Cast Members (Order of Appearance) Production Staff
Dorothy Gale ..... Raina Johnson Director ..... Kathie Hart
Toto ..... Sadie Perkins Assistant Director/ Stage Manager ..... Kathy Cain
Aunt Em / Glinda ..... Vicki McCue Musical Director ..... Judy O'Connor
Uncle Henry / Guard ..... Larry Ball Producer ..... Gloria Dennison
Hickory / Tinman ..... Ted Eltzroth Producer ..... Greg Anderson
Hunk / Scarecrow ..... Gary Schwartz Assistant Stage Manager ..... Marcia Brink
Zeke / Lion ..... Peter Heimsoth Choreographer ..... Sue Ouellette
Miss Gultch / Wicked Witch ..... Barbara Andree Choreographer ..... Jody Riley
Professor Marvel / Wizard of Oz ..... Christopher Porterfield Set Design ..... Bob Cain
      Lighting Design ..... Todd Toles
Ensemble (Alphabetical Order) Costumes ..... Diane Luckenbill
Munchkin, EC Child ..... Liz Ball Costumes ..... Norm Read
Munchkin, EC Child ..... Tiffany Ball Costumes ..... Susan Johnson
Crow, Tree, Ozian ..... Jill Bartels Properties ..... Linda Ball
Ozian ..... Liz Bartels Properties ..... Sue McCue
Crow, Ozian ..... Aleia Becker Properties ..... Mary Lou Kator
Ozian ..... Helen Becker Light Board Operator ..... Bill Kator
Tree, Ozian ..... Sandra Bohn Follow Spot ..... Jan Kuntz
Munchkin, EC Child, Ozian ..... Kathleen Caldwell Follow Spot ..... D'Ann Hamilton
Jitterbug, Tornado, Ozian ..... Marissa Cattagenone Sound ..... Gary McConeghy
Munchkin, Poppy, EC Child ..... Brittany Chally Ticket Sales ..... Tim Rezash
Munchkin, Poppy, Tornado ..... Marie Cole Programs ..... Susan Edwards
Jitterbug, Poppy ..... Jackie Cozort Box Office ..... Lana Marten
Nikko ..... Jared deSeife Rehearsal Pianist ..... Denny Vaupel
Munchkin, YBR, EC Child ..... Dakota Doyle      
Snowflake, EC Child ..... Hannah Faivre Set Construction   Set Painting
Munchkin, Snowflake ..... Rachel Faivre Bob Cain   Gloria Dennison
Munchkin, Poppy, Ozian ..... Carole Fleetwood Denny Vaupel   Roberta Maxfield
Ozian ..... Traci Gardner Bernie Schuneman   Gloria Tyler
Tree ..... Gwendolyn Graff Dave Pearson   Vicki McCue
Coroner, Winkie, Ozian ..... Bob Hadley     Marcia Brink
Munchkin, Ozian, EC Child ..... Deidre Hall      
Jitterbug, Tornado ..... Aryelle Hanson Stage Crew   Dressers
Munchkin, Poppy ..... Anna Henderson Bob White   Paula Tsiagalis
Munchkin, EC Child ..... Megan Hickey Terry Disz   Emily Kuntz
Tree, Ozian ..... Dorothy Hitzeroth Todd Toles   Jennifer Jackson
Munchkin, EC Child ..... Allison Hunter-Rosene
Munchkin, EC Child ..... Destiny Johnson Orchestra
Munchkin, EC Child ..... Kayla Kauffman Keyboard ..... Denny Vaupel
Munchkin, Snowman, Monkey ..... Michael Landshaft Keyboard ..... Terri Crain
Munchkin, Teacher, Jitterbug, Poppy, Ozian ..... Pam Lee Violin ..... Ken Tonaki
Munchkin, Barrister, Ozian ..... Janet Love-Moore Violin ..... Carol Stubbs
Munchkin, Snowflake ..... Emily Marecki Cello ..... Hellen Weberpal
Munchkin, Snowflake ..... Peyton Marten Bass ..... Jake Glover
Crow, Ozian, Munchkin City Father, Winkie ..... Roberta Maxfield Flute and Piccolo ..... Lynn Cook
Munchkin, EC Child ..... Lydia Moore Clarinet ..... Ken Goodman
Monkey ..... Michael J. Moore Oboe ..... Dave Lehman
Jitterbug, Poppy, Tornado ..... Michelle E. Moore Trumpet ..... Christine Monteiro
Munchkin, YBR, Ozian ..... Jennifer Noreiko Trumpet ..... Jake Waddle
Ozian ..... Donna O'Hagen French horn ..... Hannah Peterson
Jitterbug, EC Child ..... Katie O'Hagen Trombone ..... Dave Balika
Munchkin, YBR, EC Child ..... Sarah O'Hagan Drums ..... John Minor
Munchkin, Tough Guy, Snowman, Monkey ..... Michael Ouellette Percussion ..... Ryan Racine
Munchkin, Monkey ..... Tucker Payne
Munchkin, Snowflake ..... Danielle Pivonka Special Thanks To
Munchkin, EC Child ..... Jessica Pluhm Patti Perkins - Dog Trainer
Winkie, Ozian ..... Mark Potaczek Jeanna Hunter - Program Editor
Munchkin ..... Jacquelyn Prestegaard Farmer's State Bank of Somonauk
Winkie General, Ozian ..... Ryan Read Dahlquist Heating & Air Conditioning
Winkie, Ozian ..... Yolanda Richardson Traci Gardner
Munchkin, Poppy, Jitterbug ..... Megan Rud Le Print Express
Jitterbug, Tornado ..... Leslie Seldal
Jitterbug, Tornado ..... Andrea Slayton
Munchkin, Tough Guy, Snowman ..... Drew Taylor
Munchkin, Poppy ..... Hillary Taylor
Tree, Ozian ..... Kristin Taylor
Munchkin, Snowflake ..... Raegan Tiggelaar
Tree, Ozian ..... Kathryn Traub
Munchkin, Poppy ..... Amanda Truckenbrod
Munchkin, YBR, EC Child ..... Gretchen Tyler
Munchkin, Snowman, Monkey ..... Jack Urquizu
Munchkin Mayor ..... Michele Wade
Munchkin, Tough Guy, Snowflake, Monkey ..... John Watson
Munchkin, Jitterbug, Poppy ..... Alex Wenger
Munchkin, EC Child ..... Gabrielle Wenger
Munchkin, EC Child ..... Krysta Zelaya
Jitterbug, Munchkin, Poppy ..... Jessica Zenzen
Winkie, Ozian ..... Tony Faivre

Little Dorothy Gale of Kansas, like so many girls her age, dreams frequently of what lies over the rainbow -Over The Rainbow. One day a twister hits her farm and carries her away. At the end of the rainbow, she finds herself in picturesque Munchkinland; home of the fascinating people, the Munchkins. In this famous land of Oz, Dorothy meets her first fairyland figure: the Sorceress of the North.

The Munchkins fête Dorothy as a heroine, because in landing, her house has accidentally killed the Wicked Witch of the East, who had long tormented the Munchkins - Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead and -Munchkinland. Dorothy wants to return to Kansas, fearing her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry will worry about her. The Sorceress advises Dorothy that only the great Wizard of Oz can help her get back to Kansas. But Dorothy has an enemy, the Wicked Witch of the West, sister of the dead Wicked Witch of the East, who vows revenge. The witch is frightened away on her first encounter with Dorothy by a protective mark which the Sorceress placed on Dorothy's forehead. Dorothy must find the Munchkins, again, to get directions to the Emerald City. She gets directions to Munchkinland from the Scarecrow who joins her - If I Only Had A Brain. The Wicked Witch of the West puts a curse on the bridge which leads them to the Munchkins. Finally able to outsmart the witch, they make it to the side of the bridge where Munchkinland is located, and meet the Tin Woodman -If I Only Had A Heart. The three travelers find the Munchkins and get directions to the Emerald City -We're Off To See The Wizard.

The Munchkins bring the three friends to the forest where the yellow brick road begins. They warn the travelers of lions, tigers, bears and Jitterbugs (fantastic dancing creatures, half animal, half plant, under the Wicked Witch of the West's power). The travelers meet a lion, who ends up joining them on their journey -If I Only Had The Nerve. The Wicked Witch of the West attempts to stop the journey by setting her Jitterbugs on the three friends -Jitterbug. Luckily, Dorothy is able to contact the Sorceress of the North, who freezes the Jitterbugs, and saves them from being danced to death.

Finally at the Emerald city, we are treated to the Royal Army of Oz Changing Of The Guard. Dorothy introduces herself and her friends to Lord Growlie, his daughter Gloria and the Army. Lord Growlie explains that the Wizard of Oz is the most powerful Wizard in the world, but that if you bother him with a foolish request, he could destroy you as quickly as a snap of his fingers. While Lord Growlie notifies the Wizard of Oz he has visitors, Gloria entertains Dorothy -The Merry Old Land Of Oz, and the three other travelers tour the palace. Dorothy sings Evening Star about love and romance.

When Dorothy and her friends finally meet the Wizard, he is forceful and looks like a beast. He demands that they kill the Wicked Witch of the West before he will grant them their wishes. Without knowing that the Witch has a recipe which will break the Sorceress' protective mark on Dorothy's forehead, the four travelers go to the Witch's castle. Along the way, the Witch eavesdrops on their conversation and learns of their plans to kill her. The Witch casts a spell on Dorothy which takes the girl away from her friends and brings her to the castle. The three remaining travelers hurry to rescue Dorothy. The Witch plans to kill the four friends by shrinking them into nothing, in a cauldron of magic water. The Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion disguise themselves as ghosts to rescue Dorothy. Their true identities are accidently revealed, and the Witch threatens the Scarecrow with fire. Dorothy protects the Scarecrow by pulling the Witch back into the full cauldron, to extinguish the fire. The magic water puts out the fire and shrinks the Witch into nothing -Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (reprise).

Back at the Emerald City the Wizard Of Oz throws a party in honor of the four friends. When they finally meet the Great Oz, the four discover he is an ordinary man, not a great beast or a powerful wizard. Nevertheless, the Wizard of Oz is able to grant everyone's wishes. He gives the Lion a medal to represent courage, the Tinman a watch to show his large heartedness, and the Scarecrow a diploma for a Doctor of Scarecrow to signify graduation from advanced study.

The first stage version of The Wizard of Oz was presented on 21 January, 1903 at the Majestic Theatre Broadway where it ran for some 293 performances. The Music at that time was composed by A Baldwin Sloane & Paul Tietjens with lyrics and Book by L. Frank Baum. The Well-known score includes some of the best loved songs in the American musical pantheon.